Anonymous: The Equatorie of the Planetis (6 613 words)

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page 18

4In the name of god pitos & merciable seide leyk the largere þt thow makest
5this instrument / the largere ben thi chef deuisiouns / the largere þt ben tho
6deuisiouns / in hem may ben mo smale fracciouns / & euere the mo of smale
7fracciouns the ner the trowthe of thy conclusions / tak ther fore a plate of
8metal or elles a bord þt be smothe shaue / by leuel / & euene polised / of which
9whan it is rownd (by compas) / the hole diametre shal contene .72. large
10enches or elles .6. fote of mesure / the whiche rownde bord for it shal nat
11werpe ne krooke / the egge of (the) circumference shal be bownde wt a plate
12of yren in maner of a karte whel. / in this bord yif the likith may be vernissed
13or elles glewed wt perchemyn for honestyte / tak thanne a cercle of metal
14þt be .2. enche of brede / & þt the hole dyametre (wt in this cercle shal)
15contene the forseide .68. enches / or .5 fote (& .8. enches) / & subtili lat
16this cercle be nayled vp on the circumference of this bord or ellis mak this
17cercle of glewed perchemyn. / this cercle wole I clepe the lymbe of myn
18equatorie þt was compowned the yer of crist .1392. complet the laste meridie
19of decembre / this lymbe shaltow deuyde in 4 quarters by .2. diametral
20lynes in maner of the lymbe of a comune astrelabye & lok thy croys be trewe
21proued by geometrical conclusioun / tak thanne a large compas þt be trewe
22& set the ffyx point ouer the middel of the bord (on) which middel shal be
23nayled a plate of metal rownd / the hole diametre of this plate shal contiene
24 .16. enches large for in this plate shollen ben perced alle the centris of this
25equatorie / & ek in proces of tyme may this plate be turned a bowte after þt
26auges of planetes ben moeued in the .9. spere thus may thin instrument laste
27perpetuel. / tak thanne as I haue seid by forn the fix fot of thy compas & set
28it in the middel of this plate & wt the moeuable point of thi compas descriue
29a cercle in the ferthest circumference of thy lymbe / & nota þt the middel
30poynt of this plate wher as the fix fot of thy compas stondith / wole I calle
31centre .aryn. / mak thanne a narwer cercle þt be descriued vp on the same
32centre aryn but litel quantite fro the forthest forseid cercle in the lymbe in
33whiche space shollen ben deuyde mynutes of the lymbe / mak thanne a narwere
34cercle som what ferther distaunt fro the laste seid cercle / in whiche shal be
35deuyded the degres of the same lymbe mak yit a narwere cercle som what
36ferthere distaunt fro this laste cercle in which shal ben writen the
37nombres of

page 20

38degres / mak yit a narwere cercle som what ferther distaunt fro this laste
39seid cercle in which shollen ben writen the names of 12 signes / & nota þt
40this laste seid cercle wole I calle the closere of the signes / now hastow .5.
41cercles in thy lymbe / & alle ben descriued vp on centre aryn / and euerich
42of the .4. quarters in thi lymbe shal ben deuided in 90 degres þt is to sein
43 .3. signes & eueri degre shal be deuided in 60 mia / & shortly thi lymbe is
44deuided in maner of the lymbe in the bakside of an astrelabie / deuyde
45thanne thilke lyne þt goth fro centre aryn vn to the cercle closere of the
46sygnes (versus finem geminorum) in 32 parties equales. whiche parties ben
47(cleped) degres of the semydiametre / marke thise parties dymli (ut
48postea deleantur
/ and nota þt this diametral lyne deuided in 32 parties
49shal be cleped lyne alhudda / set thanne the fix point of thy compas vp on
50the ende of the firste deuysioun fro centre aryn in lyne alhudda / & the
51moeuable point vp on the ende of the 30 deuisioun fro the fix poynt of thi
52compas in the same lyne / so dwelleth ther but .1. deuisioun by twixe thy
53moeuable point & the closere of the signes / & .1. deuysioun bi twixe thy
54fix poynt & the centre aryn / & descryue thus a cercle / & tak ther the
55eccentrik cercle of the sonne / scrape thanne awey the deuysiouns of lyne
56alhudda / deuyde yit (dymly oculte) the same lyne alhudda fro centre
57aryn / vn to the closere of the signes in 60 parties equales / set thanne the
58fix poynt of thy compas in centre aryn / & the moeuable point in .12. degres
59& 28 mia of lyne alhudda & descriue a cercle / & þt is the centre defferent
60of the mone / perce thanne (al) the circumference of this defferent in 360
61subtil holes equales of space & thise spaces by twixe the holes / ben deuyded
62owt of the degres of the lymbe / & nota þt the yer of crist 1392 (complet
63- vltimo .10.bre in meridie london ) the aux of saturnus was the (last)
64meridie of decembre at londone I seye the aux of saturne in the .9. spere
65was .4. dowble signes 12 ga 7 mia .3. 2a & cetera / the remenaunt of auges sek
66hem in the table of auges folwynge / tak thanne a Rewle & ley þt on ende
67in centre aryn / & þt other ende in the lymbe / in the ende of the minut wher
68as endith the aux of the planete / & draw ther a lyne wt a sharp instrument
69fro centre aryn vn to the closere of the signes / & no ferthere for empeiryng
70of the lymbe & fasteby this lyne writ the name of the planete ( cuius est aux)
71this rewle is general for alle planetis / sek thanne in thi table of centris / the
72distaunce of the centre equant of saturne fro centre aryn whichewhich is .6. ga
7350 mia / set thanne the fix point of thy compas in centre arin / & the moeuable
74poynt in 6 ga & 50 mia in lyne alhudda fro centre aryn / turne than softely
75thy compas abowte. til þt the moeuable poynt til it towche the lyne of the
76aux of saturne &

page 22

77stondinge alwey (stille) the fix poynt of thy compas in centre aryn / marke
78wt thy moeuable poynt in the lyne of the aux of saturnus a dep prikke / for
79in þt prikke shal be perced a smal hole for the centre equant of saturnus / &
80faste by this hole mak an E in signefyeng of equant / thanne tak awey thy
81compas / & loke in thi table of centris / the distaunce of the centre defferent
82of saturnus / & þt is .3. ga & 25 mia / set (a centre aryn) thanne the fix point
83of thy compas in centre aryn & thy moeuable point in .3. ga & 25 mia in
84lyne alhudda / & torne softely thi compas til þt the moeuable point towche
85the (forseide) lyne of the aux of saturne / & stonding stille thy fix poynt
86of thi compas in centre aryn / marke wt the moeuable poynt in the lyne of
87the aux of saturne a dep prikke for ther in shal be perced a smal hole for
88the centre defferent of saturnus / & fasteby this hole mak an .D. for defferent / &
89nota þt by this ensample of saturnus shaltow make the centres defferentes / & ek
90the equantes of alle the planetis / after hir distaunces (in tabulis) fro centre
91aryn & prikke hem in the lynes of hir auges / thanne shaltow sette the fix
92point of thy compas in the lyne of the aux of mercurie euene by twixe the
93centre .E. & centre .D. of mercurius / & strid the moeuable poynt til it wole
94towche bothe centre E & ek centre .D. of mercurius / & descryue ther a litel
95cercle & thanne shaltow se þt the lyne of the aux of mercurie departith this
96litel cercle in .2. arkes equals / this is to seye / þt the lyne kerueth this litel
97cercle euene amidde / this litel cercle shal be perced ful of smale holes (in
98circumferencia circuli)
by euene proporcioun as is the centre defferent of the
99mone in 360 holes yif it be possible or in .180. or in 90 atte leste / but sothly
100the spaces by twixe the holes (ne) shal nat be deuided owt of the grete lymbe
101of the instrument / as is the centre defferent of the mone / but owt of the
102circumference of the same litel cercle it shal be deuided by thy compas / scrape
103thanne awey thilke 60 deuysiouns in lyne alhudda / & yit deuyde the same
104lyne alhudda in .5. parties equales (by compas) fro centre aryn vn to the
105cercle þt is closere of the signes / & euerych of thilke .5. parties shal be deuided
106in 60 parties / thise diuisiouns ne shal nat ben scraped awey / deuyde thanne
107the line þt goth fro centre aryn to the hed of capricone whichewhich lyne is cleped
108in the tretis of the astrelabie the midnyht line / I seye deuyde this midnyht
109lyne in .9. parties equals fro centre aryn (vn) to the closere of the signes / &
110euerich of thise deuysiouns shal be deuided by thy compas in 60 parties equales /
111thise deuysiouns ne shal nat be scraped awey / laus deo vero now hastow the
112visage of this precios equatorie / nota þt thise last seid .9. diuisiouns in the
113midnyht lyne shollen seruen for Equacioun of the 8e spere

page 24

114now for the composicioun of the Epicicle for the visage of thyn equatorie / thow
115shalt make a cercle of metal of the same brede & of the same widnesse in
116circumference in diametre / & in alle thinges lik to the lymbe of thin
117instrument & in the same manere shal it be deuyded in mynutis. in degres
118in nombres in names of signes / & in 5 cercles compased / as is the firste seid
119lymbe / saue þt .a. / .b. the eccentrik of the sonne / ne shal nat be
120in the epicicle & also þt it be nat filed to ney to the closere of his signes list
121thow perce the hole (foramenforamen) of thi commune centre defferent amys / or elles
122list the hole breke þt / this epicicle mot haue suffisaunt thikkenesse to
123sustene hym self / Tak thanne this epicicle & ley it (sadly &) euene vp on
124the visage of thin equatorie so þt (capud) aries of thin epicle lie euene vp on
125the hed of aries in the lymbe of thin equatorie / & libra vp on libra & cancer
126vp on cancer & capricorne vp on capricorne & (euery) signe vp on signe
127this is to seyn the hed of euery signe vp on hed of euery signe / tak thanne
128a Renspyndle or a boydekyn / & in direct of the hed of cancer. (thow shalt)
129in the cercle þt is closere of the signes (perce) make a litel hole thorw the
130epicicle / & thanne shaltow se (þt) yif thow haue trewely compased thy cercles /
131þt the poynt of thy renspindle shal haue towched the closere of the signes
132in direct of the hed of cancer in thyn equatorie / this litel hole þt is no grettere
133than a smal nedle shal be cleped the comune centre defferent of planetes / tak
134than a barre of metal of the brede of a large enche & of suffisaunt thyknesse /
135(of) the whiche barre þt on ende shal be sowded to the closere of (the)
136signes in direct of aries in this epicicle & þt other ende shal be sowded to the
137closere of the signes in direct of libra in the same epicicle / draw thanne by
138thi rewle a lyne fro the hed of aries to the hed of libra endelong the barre / &
139draw swich another lyne (ouerthwart) in the barre fro the hed of cancer
140to the hed of capricorne / & in the seccioun of this crois is the centre of the
141epicicle / tak thanne a rewle of latoun that (ne) be nat ful thykke / & lat it
142be the brede of an enche & the lengthe shal be as long as al hol the diametre
143of the Epicicle this rewle mot be shape in maner of a label on an astrelabie /
144the centre of this rewle shal be nayled to the centre of the forseide barre in
145swich a manere þt this label may torne abowte as doth the label of an
146astrelabie / in middes of this nayl þt fastnyth the barre & the label to gidere
147ther mot be a smal prikke þt be dep / which prikke (id est punctus) is the
148centre of thin epicicle / tak thanne by thy large compas the distaunce by twixe
149centre aryn & the closere of the signes / which distaunce is the lengthe of lyne
150alhudda / & be it on a long rewle or elles be it on a long percemyn / marke
151wt thy compas the forseide distaunce / & deuyde it in 60 parties equals & than
152hastow a newe lyne alhudda / sek thanne in thy table of centres / the
153semydiametre of the epicicle of saturnus / & þt is .6. ga & 30 mia of swiche
154degres as ben 60 in line alhudda / tak thanne wt thy compas the space of
155 .6. ga & 30 mia. of lyne alhudda / & set the fix point of thy compas in the
156centre of thin

page 26

157Epicicle þt is the poynt (punctus) in the hed of the nail / &
158endelong the label set the moeuable poynt of thi compas & wt þt moeuable poynt mak a marke
159a strik in the label & faste by the strik writ .sa. for saturne / this ensample of
160saturne techith how to maken in the label alle the semydiametres of Epicicles
161of alle the planetis / nota þt the sonne (ne) hath non epicicle / & nota þt
162alwey as the label turnyth / so shewith it the epicicle of euery planete /
163laus deo vero now hastow complet thyn equatorie wt alle hise membris / and nota þt
164eccentrik of the sonne shal nat be compassed in this epicicle / Explicit
165the face of the equatorie
166SIGN OMITTED nota þt euery centre mot ben also smal
167as a nedle / & in euery equant mot
168be a silk thred
169SIGN OMITTED nota þt the eccentrik of the sonne is
170compaced on the bord of the instrument
171& nat on the lymbe for sparing
172of metal / SIGN OMITTED nota shortly þt but so be
173þt bothe the closeres of the signes
174ben precisly ilike of widnesse / &
175but so be þt centre aryn stonde precise
176as fer fro his closere of the signes as
177the centre of thin epicicle stondith fro
178the comune centre defferent precise / thyn
179epicicle is fals / but natheles
180yif thow myshappe in this
181cas i shal teche the aremedie
182/ knokke thi centre defferent
183innere or owtre til it stonde
184precise vp on the closere of the
185signes in the lymbe of thin
186equatorie / so wole thanne the
187centre of thin epicicle precise
188stonde vp on centre aryn
189the sixte
190cercle is the
191eccentric of the sonne
192& the .5. cercle þt is red
193is the closere of the signes
194& the seccioun of the crois
195is centre aryn / & þt other
196centre is the centre of the
197eccentrik of the sonne
198/ & the lyne deuyded in .9.
199is the midnyht lyne I
200wot wel it is figured
201boistosly / & the cercle
202abowte centre aryn is
203the centre defferent of the
204mone / the litel cercle
205is the defferent of mercurie
206/ the smale lynes ben lynes
207of auges
208the prikkes in the lynes
209ben the centris equantis &
210defferentis / & alle thise
211centres saue the equant
212of mars ben by twixe
213centre aryn & the centre
214defferent of the mone
215the owterest space is mynutis
216& the nexte space is degres
217& the thridde space is nombres
218of degres & the ferthe space is
219for names of signes but
220natheless the narwere cercle
221of the signes is cleped the
222closere of the signes / & it is
223compased with red

page 28

224the epicicle nota file nat to ney the rederede cercle þt is closere of
225the signes / list the commune centre defferent breke
226lat stonde a litel lippe as shewith in direct of
227the hed of cancer
228nota I conseile the ne write no names of signes (id est in epiciclo)
229til þt thow hast proued (þt) thi comune
230centre defferent is treweli & justli set
231in direct of the closere of the signes
232of thin equatorie
233/ this
235is deuyded
236& compased in
237alle thinges
238lik to the lymbe of the equatorie
239/ but it hath non
240eccentrik of the
241sonne / the prikke
242þt stant in the
243closere of the
244signes in direct
245of the ende of
246geminis is the
247commune centre
248defferent -
249/ but natheless thus lith thin
250instrument whan thow makest
251equacioun of thy mone

page 30

252pro argumentis trium superiorum minue eorum med~ mot~ de med~ mot~ solis / &
253remanet argumentum satur .io. & martis & vener
sek medius motus of
254saturnus Juppiter mars & venus / & hir mene argumentis in thy tables / & writ
255hem in thy sklat / put thanne a blak thred in centre aryn (terre) & a whit
256thred in centre equant of any planete þt the list haue of equacion. and put
257the comune centre defferent of thyn Epicicle / vp on the centre different in
258thy plate / of thilke planete þt thow desirest to haue equacioun I sey þt wt
259a nedle thow shalt stike the comune centre defferent of thin Epicicle / vp
260on the centre defferent þt is perced on thy plate for swich a planete a the list
261to haue of equacoun / loke thanne (pro successione signorum) fro the hed of
262aries wher the mene motus of thy planete endith / in the grete lymbe of thy
263plate / & ley ther thy blake thred. / ley thanne thy white thred equedistant
264by the blake thred in the same lymbe. & proeue by a compas þt thy thredes
265lyen equedistant vnder whiche white thred ley the pool of thyn Epicicle / &
266stondinge thyn Epicicle stille in this maner / I seye stondinge the pool of
267thin epicicle vndir thy white thred stille / & the commune centre different
268fix wt thy nedle to the foreseide centre defferent of the planete desired / tak
269than thy blake thred & ley it so þt it kerue the centre of the Epicicle / &
270streche forth vp vn to vpperest part of the same epicicle / and than shal this
271blake thred shewe bothe the verrey motus (locum) of the epicicle in the grete
272lymbe / & ek the verrey aux of the planete in the epicicle / & thanne the ark
273by twixe medios motus of the planete / & the verrey motus of the epicicle / is
274cleped the equacion of his centre in the lymbe (zodiacus) to whom is lik
275the equacion of his argument in his epicicle. þt is to sein the ark by twixe
276his mene aux & his verrey aux. / for sothly the mene aux is shewed in the
277Epicle by the white thred / vnder which thow puttest the pol of the
278epicicle & the verrey aux is shewed in the epicicle by the blake thred / &
279stondinge stille thin Epicicle in this same disposicioun / ley the ende of thy
280label þt is grauen fro the white thred as many signes degres & mia. as
281shewith the mene argument in thy grene tables for þt day of thy planete
282desired / & rekne this mene argument fro the white thred after successioun
283of signes of euery planete saue only of the mone sa 1 31 19 22 44

page 32

284/ & ligginge the marked ende of thy label vpon the the ende of this mene
285argument in the epicicle / ley thy blake thred vp on the marke of thy planete
286þt is grauen in thi label. & wher as the same blake thred keruyth the lymbe
287of thy plate tak ther the verrey place (locum) of the planete in the .9. spere
288/ and the ark by twixe the verrey place (locum) of the planete (in limbo)
289& the verrey place of the epicicle considered in the lymbe is cleped equacioun
290of his argument this maner of equacioun is for saturnus Juppiter mars &
291venus / but in the remenaunt of planetes in some thinges it varieth sol / the
292mene motus of the sonne ben rekned fro the hed of aries after successioun of
293signes / the sonne hath non Epicicle ne non Equant & therfor the pol of the
294epicicle mot ben in stide of the body of the sonne in the .9. spere / the white
295thred þt thow puttest in his centre defferent in the plate (lamina) mot ben
296in stide of the white thred þt othre planetes han in hir centres equantis / the
297blake thred þt euermo stant in centre aryn / mot be leid at the ende of his
298mene motus / tak thanne his white thred & lei it equedistant in the lymbe
299by the blake thred / whiche blake thred shewith the mene motus of the
300sonne / fixe thanne wt thy nedle the commune centre defferent of thyn
301Epicicle to centre aryn. & remew nat thy (nedle) / & vnder this white thred ley
302softely the pol of the Epicicle & wher as the white thred keruyth the grete lymbe
303tak ther ther the verrey place of the sonne in the .9. spere / the ark of the
304lymbe by twixe his aux þt is now in cancer. & the blake thred is the argument
305of the sonne / the ark by twixe the blake thred & the white in the lymbe is
306the equacion of the sonne / which ark nis but litel. / the mene motus of the
307sonne is the ark in the lymbe by twixe the hed of aries & the blake thred in
308the same lymbe / the verrey motus of the sonne is the ark of the lymbe by
309twixe the hed of aries & the blake thred whan it (id est filum) is remewed fro
310the mene motus & crossith the white thred in the in the pol of the Epicicle / the
311same verrey motus was shewed erst by the white thred of (the) defferent
312whan it lay equedistant by the blake thred in the limbe SIGN OMITTED & nota þt the
313markes in thy label descriuen the Epicicles of planetes as the label turneth

page 34

314mercurius this canon is fals
315Rekne after succession of signes fro the hed of aries in the lymbe / the mene
316motus of mercurius / & considere ek how mochel in the same lymbe is by twixe
317the hed of aries. & the lyne of his aux / þt yit is (in) the lattere ende of
318libra / & rekne alwey after successioun of signes / wt draw thanne the
319quantite in the lymbe. by twix the hed of aries & the forseid aux / owt of
320his mene motus / & considere how moche is the remnaunt of his mene motus
321whan this aux is thus wt drawe owt of al the hoole mene mot / & so mochel
322rekne after succession of signes in his litel cercle / fro the lyne of his aux þt
323keruyth the same litel cercle / I seye rekne after successioun of signes. from
324lettere .D. þt is grauen in his lytel cercle / & procede in the same litel cercle
325to ward lettere .E. opposit to .D. / I sey rekne thilke remnaunt (of the mene
326motus) þt dwelde whan the quantite of his aux was wt draw owt of his hole
327mene motus as I haue seid by forn / & wher as - thilk remnaunt forseid
328endith in the litel cercle / tak ther the verrey centre defferent of mercurie. as
329it happith diuersely som tyme in on hole & som tyme in an other / for lettere
330 .D. ne serueth of nothyng ellis but for to shewe the wher thow shalt bygynne
331thy reknyng in thy litel cercle / ne lettere (E) ne seruyth nat but
332for to shewe the which wey þt thow shalt procede fro lettere .D. / now hastow
333founde thy defferent & thin equant in which equant put a whit thred / & stike
334wt a nedle the comune centre defferent vp on his centre defferent in the
335plate (lamina) . / & wt thin Epicle wirk & wt thy thredes as thow workest
336wt saturnus Juppiter mars & venus / nota þt yif the aux of mercurie be fro the
337hed of aries more than his mene motus fro the same hed. / than shaltow adde
338 .12 signes to his mene motus / than maistow wtdraw his aux owt of his mene
339motus / & nota generaly þt thy nedle ne be nat remewed whan it is stikyd
340thorw the commune centre defferent in to any centre different on thy plate til
341thin equacion of the planete be endid / for yif thy commune centre different
342stirte fro the centre ( deffer ) on thy plate al thin equacion of thy planete
343desired is lorn / SIGN OMITTED hic nota þt the centre defferent of mercurie hath but
34424. holes as in myn instrment wher for .I. rekne but .2. holes for a signe as
345in the gretter cerkle of mercurie fro the lyne of his aux

page 36

346-luna Rekne after succession of signes fro the hed of aries in the lymbe
347the mene motus of the mone/ & rekne in the same manere the mene motus
348of the sonne (a capite arietis) as fer as it strechcheth wt draw thanne the
349mene motus of the sonne owt of the mene motus of the mone/ & as moche
350as the mene mot of the mone is more than the mene mot of the sonne

351(&) considere þt difference / and the quantite of that difference þt I clepe
352the remenaunt / rekne it fro the (ende of the) mene motus of the sonne in the
353lymbe bakward agayn successioun of signes / & wheras endith this remenaunt /
354mak a mark in the lymbe / draw thanne thy blake thred to this forseide mark
355& wher as thy blake thred keruyth the cercle defferent of the mone in that
356same hole is the centre defferent of the mone as it happith. / & in the nadyr
357of this hole is the centre equant / put thanne in this centre equant a whit
358thred / now hastow thy two centres / stike thanne thy commune centre
359defferent vp on the centre defferent of the mone / wt thy nedle / yit rekne
360agayn the mene motus of the mone fro the hed of aries after successioun of
361signes & ley ther thy blake thred / & ley thy white thred equedistant by the
362blake thred in the lymbe moeue thanne softely the pool of thyn Epicicle
363vnder thy blake thred (tak thanne thy white thred & ley it ouer the pol of
364the epicicle) & wheras thy white thred keruyth the cercle of the Epicicle
365tak ther the mene aux in thyn Epicicle & fro this white thred rekne in thyn
366Epicicle bakward a gayns successioun of signes thy mene argument / I seye
367rekne it in the degres of thin Epicicle / & where as endith thy reknynge in
368the Epicicle. ley ther the marked ende of thy label. / & ley thy blake thred
369vp on the mark of the mone in thy label. & wher as this same blake thred
370keruyth the lymbe tak (ther) the verrey place of the mone in the .9.
371spere / nota þt the pool of the Epicicle ne shal nat ben leyd vnder the blake
372thred of non other .planete. saue only of the mone

page 38

373and nota þt yif the mene motus of the sonne is more than the mene mot of
374the mone than shaltow adde .12. signes to the mene mot of the mone & thanne
375maistow wtdrawe the mene mot of the sonne owt of the mene motus of the
376mone. & shortly for to speken of this theorike I sey þt the centre of hir (lune)
377epicicle (in voluella) moeuyth equaly aboute the centre of the zodiac þt
378is to sein aboute the pol of the epicicle þt is thy riet / & thy blake thred whan
379it first leid thorw the pol of thyn Epicicle it shewith the verrey aux of the
380planete ( in epiciclo ) riht as the white thred shewith the mene aux in the same
381epicicle. Item whan thow (hast) rekned the argument of a planete in thin
382epicicle. thanne is the body of the planete in thin Epicicle at the ende of thyn
383argument & whan (thy) blak thred is leid thorw the marke of a planete in
384thi label. in maner forseid than shewith thy blake thred the verre place of the
385planete at regard of the .9. spere as shewith in thy lymbe & the ark by twixe
386the verrey motus & the mene motus of the mone is the equacion of his argument
387in the lymbe / & the ark by twixe his mene aux & his verrey aux is the
388equacion of his argument in the Epicicle
390    / to knowe the latitude of the mone by thyn
391instrument loke in thyn almenak the verrey
392motus of the mone & the verrey motus of caput .dra.
393 .lune.
at same tyme / & yif so be þt thy
394verre mot of thy mone be lasse than .6.
395signes fro caput draconis wtdraw the
396verrey motus of caput owt of the verey
397motus of the mone / & writ þt difference (id est verum argumentum latitudinis lune)
398for þt is hir (lune) verrey argument (id est latitudinis) & so many signes
399degres & mia as thow hast in the (verrey) argument (of hir latitude) rekne
400hem fro the hed of aries after successioun of signes in thy lymbe / & wher
401as endith thy reknyng ley þt on end of thy thred & þe middel of thy thred
402shal kerue the meridional lyne / & strechche

page 40

403so forth ouerthwart as the dyametre of thy plate vnto the lymbe / as thus
404I suppose þt on ende of thy thred laye after succession of signes .10. ga. fro
405the hed of aries in the lymbe / þt other ende of thy thred shold lye .20 ga.
406of virgo / in the lymbe / considere thanne how many .ga. & mia þt the middel
407of thy thred lith fro centre aryn. wher as euermo bygynnith this reknyng / I seye
408considere in the seccions of the meridional lyne how many ga & mia lith the
409middel of thy thred fro centre aryn / & tak ther the nombre of the latitude
410 .7. trional of thy mone fro the Ecliptik / which latitu(de) ne passith neuer
411 .5. ga. / & yif the verrey motus of the mone be more than .6. signes fro the
412verrey mot of caput / than shaltow wtdraw the verrey motus of cauda owt
413of the verrey motus of the mone. and bygynne thy reknynge at the hed of
414libra / & procede bakward agayns successioun of signes / as thus þt yif þt on
415ende of thy thred laye agayn successioun of signes .10. ga fro the hed of libra
416than sholde þt other ende lye in the .10. ga fro the hed of aries after successioun
417of signes / considere thanne in
418the merdional lyne the quantite meridional of the latitude
419of thy mone fro the Ecliptik / as I haue
420told by forn þt the quantite of ga & mia þt the
421middel of thy thred in the meridional lyne lith
422fro centre aryn the same quantite of degres &
423mia is the latitude of the mone fro the eclyptik
424be it north be it sowth / & nota þt generaly euermo
425bothe endes of of thy thred shollen lyen
426equedistant fro thilke diametre þt keruyth the
427heuedes of aries & libra / yit quykly vnderstond this canon. I sey whan the
428forseide verrey argument of the mone is precisly .90. degres fro the hed of
429aries in the lymbe after succession of signes / tak ther the grettest

page 42

430latitude of the mone 7trional (id est ab ecliptica) / & yif so be þt hir verrey
431argument passe (anything) .90. degres fro the hed of aries / styrt ouer the
432meridianal lyne in to the firste of cancer & ley ther þt on ende of thy thred
433& þt other ende in to the laste of geminis / & so forth day be day shaltow
434descende in the meridional lyne after þt the reknynge of thy verrey argument
435requerith. / til thow come agayn to centre aryn. for than hastow mad equacion
436of latitudes for .6. signes as I first seide / & euere mo lith thy thred equedistant
437fro the diametre þt keruyth the heuedes of aries & libra / & euer mo as many
438degres & mia as the midel of thy thred lith in the meridional lyne fro centre
439aryn. so many ga & mia is the latitude of the mone fro the Ecliptik / & whan
440thy verrey argument passith .6. signes wyrk wt cauda as I tawhte the &
441ascende vpward in the meridional lyne day by day to the laste of geminis in
442the lymbe / & fro thennes discende agayn as I haue seid by forn / & nota
443þt whan the mone is direct wt caput or cauda. she hath no latitude & whan
444she passith caput til she be 3 signes (in) distance (pro successioneȝ signorum)
445fro caput she is 7trional ascendinge / & in hir gettest latitude 7trional / & fro
446the ende of thilke 3 signes she is 7trional descending til she come to the
447opposit of caput þt is to seyn cauda draconis & fro cauda til she come mid
448wey (in medio) by twix capud & cauda & fro thennes is she meridional
449assending til she come agayn at capud / (1391 .17. decembris) Ensample
450my mone was .12. ga .21. mia of virgo / & caput was 4 ga 46 mia of aries tho
451drow I the verrey motus of caput þt is to seyn .0. in signes .4. ga 46 mia owt
452of the verrey moeuyng / of the mone þt is to sein owt of 5 signes .12 ga 21 mia /
453tho fond I þt the verrey argument of the mone dwelde .5. siga 7 ga 35 mia tho
454rekned I after successioun of signes fro the hed of aries in the lymbe (the
455same) 5 signes .7 ga 35 ma / & ther leide I þt on ende of my thred & þt other
456ende lay in .22 ga 35. mia of aries / tho karf (the) midel of my thred the
457meridional lyne .1. degre & 54 mia fro centre aryn by which I knew þt the
458latitude of my mone was .1. degre & 54 mia 7trional descending fro the

page 44

460(1391 .19. februarii) / another ensample I fond ( scilicet in almenak) my
461mone in .8. gad .13 ma of virgo & caput draconis in 20 ga & 42. mia of aries
462(.tho.) drow I the verrey motus of - caput for the verrey motus of the
463mone in this manere. / I say wel þt I myht nat drawe .20 degres owt of
464 .8. degres / ne 42 minutis owt of 13 mia tho added I .30. degres to the forseide
465 .8. degres of virgo & 60 mia to the .13. mia of the same virgo. & tho drow
466I the verrey motus of caput owt of the verrey motus of the mone / tho dwelde
467me the verrey argument of the latitude of the mone þt is to seyn (.4. siga)
468 .17. ga 31 mia tho leide I þt on ende of my thred 4 signes 17 degres
469(31 minuta) fro the hed of aries in the lymbe after successioun of signes
470& þt other ende (lay) equedistant fro the diametre þt passith by the heuedes
471of aries & libra / & tho fond I the middel of my thred karf the meridional lyne
472at .3. degres & 22 mia fro the centre of the Erthe þt is centre aryn / wher for
473I knew wel þt my mone was 3 degres .22. mia in latitude 7trional descendinge
474fro the Ecliptik / (1391 23 februarii) the thridde ensample is this I fond
475in myn almenak the verrey motus of the mone was 6 degres 24 mia of Scorpio
476& the verrey motus of caput was 20 degres .29. mia of aries. tho moste I wirke
477wt cauda by cause þt verre motus of my mone passed mor than .6. signes tho
478drow I the verrey motus of cauda owt of the verrey motus of the mone / in
479this maner / I added 30 ga to .6. ga of scorpio & 60 mia to 24 mia of the same
480scorpio / tho dwelde me the verrey argument (of latitude) of the mone .0. in
481signes 15 ga & 55 mia / tho leide I þt on ende of my thred 0 in signes 15 ga
48255 mia fro the hed of libra (agains succession of signes) by cause þt I wirke
483wt cauda / & þt other ende of my thred lay equedistant fro the diametre þt
484passith by the heuedes of aries & libra / & tho fond I þt the middel of my thred
485karf the meridional lyne .1. degre 22 mia fro centre aryn bi which I knew the
486latitude of my mone was - .1. ga 22 ma fro the Ecliptil meridional
487discendinge / thus shaltow procede day by day vpward fro the hed of libra
488vn to 90 degres agayns succession of signes þt is to seyn vnto the firste of
489cancer & thanne stirt ouer the meridional lyne whan thy verrey argument of
490thy latitude of the mone passit anything 90 ga / & ley þt on ende of thy thred
491in gemini & þt other ende in cancer / & so com downward day bi day til
492thow come agayn at centre aryn / & thanne wirk wt caput as I haue told
493by fore / & nota þt whan any eclips (lune) fallith in aries taurus gemini.
494cancer. leo. virgo / than is than is the Eclips in caput / & the remenant of
495the Eclipses ben in cauda